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Americanism Heritage

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  • 19th November 2014

_MG_7015Sneakers or takkies?
Finding your favourite biscuits in an American supermarket is harder than you think. The reason is because what we refer to as biscuits are called cookies in America and while Oreo “cookies” are freely available, Oreo “biscuits”, not so much.

This is just one example of an Americanism, words coined by Americans that are uniquely American. Generally speaking Americanisms are easy to figure out and perhaps the most relevant to Russell Athletic is the use of “sweatshirt”, what us South Africans refer to as a “tracksuit top”.

Let’s take a look at some more common Americanisms and see if you can figure them out:

Apartment, Sidewalk, Elevator, Period, Trashcan, Faucet, Flashlight, Candy

Some are pretty obvious, but did you work out that Americans get water from their “faucets” instead of taps? Full-stops are called periods, sidewalks are pavements and an elevator is actually a lift.

What are some of your favourites? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter using the #americanism tag.

Hailing from America, Russell Athletic is proud of our heritage and about bringing a range of cool, American-inspired, premium vintage sportswear to the South African market.