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Team Russell is made up of a group of talented people from around the world who all share one thing in common,
the drive, self-belief and passion to achieve their goals and dreams.

Jan Braai

Jan Braai (real name Jan Scannell) is the man behind the National Braai Day initiative.


2. Do foreigners understand you better if you shout at them in English?

I have no idea as it’s impossible to ask them afterwards! But the louder you talk the more animated you become, which I think does aid in the understanding. So it’s not so much the volume of your voice as the actions of your hands and body.

4. Your favourite restaurant, anywhere?

At the moment I quite like going out for curry and I quite like pizza. But by favourite restaurant is surely my braai fire at home.

5. One place you want to see before you die?

The beer filled inside of a Rugby World Cup.

6. What do you do in your spare time?

Cycle. If we consider braaing to be my job then cycling is definitely my number one hobby. I also surfski paddle regularly and like to read books (on my Kindle)

7. How do you start your day?

With a coffee. Always with hot milk. Never with sugar.

8. How do you pass the time on flights?

Sleeping, reading or working on my laptop. Yes, I am one of those irritating people that are always asked 3 times by the airhostess to close my laptop for landing. But that is where I find the time to properly reply to an interview like this one.

9. Mantra or words to live by?

There are two: Be yourself, it’s easier than being anyone else. And: It’s easier to float downstream than to swim upstream.

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