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Leaving America

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  • 21st November 2013

RA_Blog-Leaving-America2Russell has over 14,000 employees and is based in over 40 countries. It’s pretty much an empire. Nevertheless at it’s core, it’s still a fairly humble brand, and beginnings don’t get much more humble then Alexander, Alabama.

Our founder’s scope couldn’t be contained by one small town however, and the sheer guarantee of quality in Russell’s clothes saw it spread across the expanse of the United States. It wouldn’t be long before Russell crossed the Atlantic.

For a brand that traditionally specialized in Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and American Football wear, Europe offered an entirely new sort of market. Emphasis on sport was dropped in favour of everyday quality-conscious consumers with an active lifestyle and a particular taste for authentic vintage apparel.

Suffice to say, Russell Athletic’s European adventure was a success – a success that proved the brand could thrive in spaces external from the US. It wasn’t too long before they’d spread to Australia and then South Africa, using the very same emphasis on quality and vintage style for real people.