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What Does Vintage Mean to You?

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  • 16th October 2014


In an age where newer is better, it seems unlikely that anyone would wittingly wear blatantly outdated apparel. But Vintage is all the rage with older styles making huge comebacks. For most people, wearing Vintage is simply about choosing something they love. It’s about individuality and about expression.

The Russell Athletic Vintage Range is about history and legacy. It’s a reflection of a rags-to-riches story that dates back to 1902 where an iconic brand was borne with just a few sewing machines and a dream.

Our vintage range is a celebration of how far the we’ve come and combines modern day comfort with classic design for functional gear and a look that’s always cool. So whether you’re part of the retro revolution or simply understand how important great active wear is, our vintage range has got it covered.